first Edition: August-October 2020

From Chief Editor's Desk
Dr. Mohammad ALi Rabbani
. Contents
Ali Chegeni
Iran and India in an Era of Globalizaion
M. Hamid Ansari
Culture - Foundation for forming lasting Indo-Iranian Relations based on mutual trust and peace
Dr. Mohd. Ali Rabbani
The contribution of Persian language and its Intellectuals to the World Civilization
Dr. Reza Mostafavi Sabzvari
Dialogue Among Civilizations : India and Iran
Prof. Mushirul Hasan
Indo-Persian Literature A Tapestry of Indo-Iranian Hues – Representing a Composite Cultural Identity
Prof. Azarmi Dukht Safavi
Indo-Iranian Cultural Relations Since 1947
R.M. Chopra
India - Iran Cultural Ties: A Re-Appraisal
Prof. Syed Ali Nadeem Rezavi
Compatibility of Cultures and Convergence of Approaches in India and Iran
Prof. Abhay Kumar Singh
The similarities between Sikh and Persian Architecture
Prof. Amargeet Chandok
Tagore Response to Iranian Culture
Tagore Response to Iranian Culture
Indo-Iran Relations through Shahnameh
Prof. Sharif. H. Qasemi
Cross Cultural Relation between India and Iran
Prof. Syeda Khursheed Fatima Husaini

Second Edition: November 2020-January 2021

From Chief Editor's Desk
Dr. Mohammad ALi Rabbani
Prof. S.R. Bhatt
Interfaith Dialogue based on Mystical Bonds
Prof. Hakimifar Khalil
Rumi and Confluence of Indian and Islamic Spiritualism
Dr. Balram Shukla
Peacful co-existance and Spirituality in Islam with special reference to Indian and Iranian Sufis
Prof. Hamidullah Marazi
Rumi's Tasawwuf and Vedantic Mysticism
R.M. Chopra
Religious and Cultural Relationships between Indian Parsis and Iranian Zoroastrians
Prof. Reza Mehrafarin,Malika Haidari
The Migrant Sufis from Persianate World to the Indian Sub-continent : Dissemination of knowledge and the formation of Indo-Islamic Culture
Prof. S.Z.H Jafari
Sufis and Communal Harmony: A case of Study of Indian Sufis
Prof. S.M. Azizuddin Husian
Sufi Mysticism and Indian Religion
Prof. K.T.S. Sarao
Understanding Spirituality in Indian Context
Prof. S.R. Bhatt

Third Edition: January-May 2022

From Chief Editor's Desk
Dr. Mohammad ALi Rabbani
Post 1979 Iranian Cinema and Post-1947 Indian Cinema: Responses to Changing Times
zulfikar Ali Ansari
Persian Language and the Decline of Indo-Persian Knowledge Tradition:Significance,Perception & Revisit
Akhlaque Ahmad ‘Ahan’
Abha Singh
Tangible Intersections of India & Iran: The Meherjirana Library
Shernaz Cama
Re-birth of Cultural Values in International Relations; Islam and the Asian Perspective
Karim Douglas Crow
A Study on the Impact of the Tourism Industry on India’s Economy, with a Look at Iran-India Tourism relation
Soha Norouzi

Fourth Edition: