Iran Culture House- New Delhi India

Iran Culture House, New Delhi is working for the promotion of mutual understanding and cultural co-operation among peoples in India and Iran in line with the principles of our cultural heritage. Our aim is to create enduring partnership between Iran and other cultures, and we do this by creating opportunities to connect with the latest skills, ideas and experience from Iran. Our activities in the field of culture is to promote mutual understanding among peoples of different cultures, to preserve and promote cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible, and to enhance the cultural activities and creativity.

Film and Art Division:

The film and art division of the Culture House consists of video and audio CDs of classical music, art books, calligraphy models, attractive sceneries, handicrafts and various prominent Iranian films. In addition, film festivals and cultural exhibitions in various parts of India are also organised by this unit of the Culture House.

Public Relations Department

The department arranges meetings with prominent personalities from the domain of Indian art and culture. Organising seminars, round table discussions and cultural programmes for Iranians residing in India is also an essential component of the activities of this department.

Information Centre:

The centre provides necessary information about Iranian art, culture and all other facets of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Persian Research Center

This Research Centre, which has thousands of reference and research books concerning various fields of Persian language and literature, is always open to teachers of Persian and all other scholars or persons in India who are keenly interested in their research programmes. While publishing catalogues of Persian books available in some of the prominent libraries in India, the Centre has established co-ordination with various Indian libraries in the context of research activities. The Centre is busy in editing a trilingual dictionary (Persian, English, Hindi) and it also publishes a quarterly magazine known as "Qand-e Parsi". Not only this the centre also feels happy in extending co-operation to the research scholars writing doctoral and post doctoral thesis and dissertation on any aspect of Persian language and literature.

Central Library

This special library has more than 30,000 books on topics like Persian language and literature, History, Philosophy, Humanities, Art, Psychology, Reference Books, Encyclopedia of the Culture and Civilization, History of Iran,History of India, Islamic studies and Sufism. Besides a good number of bilingual and multilingual Persian dictionaries have also been obtained for the benefit of scholars.
Persian Literaure is one of the foucused subjetc in this library and more than 6000 titles are available on different topics of ancient persian,Avesta,Prosody,Anthology of Persian Prose and Poetry,Diwans of all renowned Persian Poets including Daqiqi Tusi,Rudaki,Attar,Omar Khayyam,Ferdosi,Saadi,Molana,Hafez,Nezami Ganjawi,Saib Tabrizi, Bidel Dehlawi.
Besides a huge collection of contemporary prose and poem works are available here.
Religion is the one of the focused subject of this library collection which contain the most important books on the topic of jurisprudence (fiqh), principles, Hadith, Holy Quran and its interpretation.
This library has two other sections i.e. Iranology and Indology in English, Persian, Urdu and Hindi language.
Besides book, lot of journals and magazines on the different topics published in India and Iran are available in the library.
The membership of the library is open to all . Teachers, Student and Interested people can consult Iran Culture House library from Monday to Friday from 9.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M.

Iran Culture House Central Library

Persian Classes

One of the most important goal of Iran Culture House New Delhi is teaching Persian Language & promotion of Persian Culture.At first, Persian classes were held face-to-face, and every year at least 4 Persian language courses were held at different levels.
After the spread of Corona, with the closure of face-to-face classes, online classes started and were more welcomed. And students from all over the world attend online classes.
Today all Persian language teaching activities are under the supervision of the Saadi Foundation, which is carried out by the Persian Research Center New Delhi.
Saadi Foundation was founded on April 21, 2012, laying the groundwork for teaching and learning Persian language worldwide. The foundation has promoted Persian by compiling the methods and standards of teaching and learning the language. In addition to face-to-face and online courses in and from Iran, the foundation has more than 40 centers across the world to teach the students of the language. Now after more than a decade, the foundation serves as a bridge, connecting non-Iranians to Iranians and Iran, an ancient country whose civilization has always been an important subject of study for orientalists and Iranologists. No study on culture and civilization is possible without knowing the language. Persian is an old classical language. It has stood the test of time, especially through its rich literature. Many non-Iranians have developed a love for this more than 1,000-year-old literature and become enthusiastic to learn the language to read masterpieces by poets and authors such as Ferdowsi, Omar Khayyam, Attar of Nishapur, Hafez, Rumi, Abu’l-Fadl Bayhaqi and Saadi Shirazi in Persian. Saadi Foundation has always been the best place for culture lovers to learn Persian over the past decade.

Rah-e- Islam(Urdu Magzine)

Rah-e-Islam is one of the oldest Urdu Religious Magzines in India and its first issue was published in April 1984 /Farwardin 1363 and till now 260 Issues of this magzine is published.(January-March2023)
In the beginning, this magazine included various religious, literary, social and artistic topics. Later, this magazine became a specialized magazine in the field of Islamic sciences, which has published numerous special issues on various Islamic topics.SOme important Special Issues of Rah-e-Islam is as follows:

  • 260: Islam and Women(January-March 2023)
  • 259:Islamic Way of Life(October-December 2022)
  • 258:Unity and Preachings of Prophet Mohammad(July-September 2022)
  • 257:Thoughts of Imam Khomaini(April-June 2022)
  • 256:Ashura(Jan-March2022)
  • 255:Hijab(October-December 2021)
  • 254:Propeht Mohammad & Quran(July-september 2021)
  • 253: Islamic Civilization
  • 252:Ashura(January-March 2021)
  • 251:September-December 2020
  • 250:June-August 2020
  • 248-249:December 2019-May 2020
  • 245-246-247:March-Novemver 2019
  • 242-243-244(June 2018-February 2019
  • 239-240-241(September 2017-May 2018)
  • 235-236-237-238(September 2016-August 2017
  • 235-236-237-238(September 2016-August 2017
  • 232-233-234:Life & Preachings of the Supreme Leader Ayatullah Khamenai(September 2015-August 2016)
  • 230-231:Philosophy of Mahdawiat(Jaunuary -August 2015)
  • Qand-e-Parsi(Persian Literary Magzine)

    Cultural Dialogue(Cultural Magzine)


    Cultural Glimps of Iran