Iran Culture House- New Delhi India

Iran Culture House, New Delhi is working for the promotion of mutual understanding and cultural co-operation among peoples in India and Iran in line with the principles of our cultural heritage. Our aim is to create enduring partnership between Iran and other cultures, and we do this by creating opportunities to connect with the latest skills, ideas and experience from Iran. Our activities in the field of culture is to promote mutual understanding among peoples of different cultures, to preserve and promote cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible, and to enhance the cultural activities and creativity. Saadi Award

Persian Research Center

This Research Centre, which has thousands of reference and research books concerning various fields of Persian language and literature, is always open to teachers of Persian and all other scholars or persons in India who are keenly interested in their research programmes. While publishing catalogues of Persian books available in some of the prominent libraries in India, the Centre has established co-ordination with various Indian libraries in the context of research activities. The Centre is busy in editing a trilingual dictionary (Persian, English, Hindi) and it also publishes a quarterly magazine known as "Qand-e Parsi". Not only this the centre also feels happy in extending co-operation to the research scholars writing doctoral and post doctoral thesis and dissertation on any aspect of Persian language and literature.

Central Library

This special library of Cultural relation has more than 15,000 topics in more than 35,000 volumes like Persian language and literature, History, Philosophy, Humanities, Art, Psychology, Reference, Encyclopedia of the Culture and Civilization, History of Iran,History of India, Islamic studies and Sufism. Besides a good number of bilingual and multilingual Persian dictionaries have also been obtained for the benefit of scholars.
Religion is the one of another focused subject of this library collection which contain the most important books on the topic of jurisprudence (fiqh), principles, Hadith, Holy Quran and its interpretation.
This library has two other sections i.e. Iranology and Indology in English, Persian, Urdu and Hindi language.
Besides book, lot of journals and magazines on the different topics published in India and Iran are available in the library. The membership of the library is open to all free of cost. Teachers, Student and Interested people can consult Iran Culture House library from Monday to Friday from 9.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M.

Iran Culture House Central Library

Persian Classes

Rah-e- Islam(Urdu Magzine

Qand-e-Parsi(Persian Literary Magzine)

Cultural Dialogue(Cultural Magzine)


Cultural Glimps of Iran